Unified Communications

Extend Unified Communications to Mobile Workers & Deskless Workers

Workers on the go or in deskless job assignments now can use corporate Unified Communications for polished, professional business communications. Tango Networks Mobile-X turns any mobile phone into a full featured extension of a company UC platform, enabling workers out of the office, on the production floor, in the warehouse, or making deliveries to communicate seamlessly and efficiently.

The next generation fixed mobile convergence technology of Mobile-X puts rich Mobile Unified Communications into the hands of every employee. The service enhances employee productivity, communications reach and employee responsiveness, even for workers who are never near a desk phone.Communications for the mobile workforce

  • Your mobile workforce in warehouses, logistics, delivery, on construction sites, providing in-home services and other deskless environments can communicate as if they carry desk phones in their pockets
  • Users can activate business calling features natively on mobile devices with no special apps or training
  • Corporate identity is maintained throughout all communications – no more personal cell numbers that confuse customers and partners
  • Record, archive and monitor mobile calls and texts to ensure mobile employee communications are compliant with record retention rules and company policies
  • Transfer calls to and from workers on-the-go seamlessly
  • Replace expensive DECT and legacy campus communications systems
  • Extend corporate communications to more workers, for greater efficiency and productivity across the company

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