T-Mobile Cuts 10DLC Messaging Fees for Special Cases

Following are the latest long code (10DLC) messaging campaign updates from T-Mobile effective January 1, including reduced fees for 501c3 charitable organizations, education providers, and emergency campaigns. All approved campaigns must comply with TCPA and CTIA requirements and best practices, as well as T-Mobile’s messaging guidelines. Additionally, campaigns must meet the following criteria to qualify for reduced fees:

  • 501c3 Charitable Organizations – (100% Reduction)
    • Must be a 5013C organization in good standing, with the brand validated by the Campaign Registry (TCR).
    • Standing will be reevaluated annually.
    • Campaigns must be properly set up in SDG based on T-Mobile requirements.
  • K-12 Education – (100% Reduction)
    • Campaign messages must support a free service offering for members of a K-12 educational institution, including distance learning centers. (Post-secondary institutions do not qualify.)
    • There is now a “K12-Education” Special Use case on the Campaign Registry (TCR) for a $10 monthly fee.
    • Standard T-Mobile rates will apply to campaign messages that are part of a paid service offering.
  • Emergency – (100% Reduction)
    • Campaign messages must support public health and/or safety during natural disasters, armed conflicts, pandemic outbreaks, and other regional/national emergencies.
    • Message content must be informational only.
    • The brand must be:
      • Government (federal, state, or municipal organizations).
      • Healthcare agency or authority.

The fine print:

  • T-Mobile will waive the $5,000 Special Business Review Request Fee for fee reduction requests.
  • Satisfying the stated criteria is not a guarantee of approval. T-Mobile will approve all submissions at its sole discretion on a case-by-case basis.
  • The brand requesting fee reduction may not be an aggregator of messaging services.
  • Any approved fee reductions must be provided directly to the brand associated with the campaign, not an associated aggregator or CSP. Fee reductions will be terminated immediately and past fee reductions will be negated retroactively should T-Mobile determine:
    • The approved brand is not directly benefiting from the fee reduction.
    • Messaging is inconsistent with the details in the Special Business Review – Pricing form or in the SDG campaign submission.
  • The Fee Reduction Program is confidential, including all communications, documents, and reduction decisions.
  • Fee reductions are offered at T-Mobile’s discretion and will be re-evaluated annually. Fee reductions may be reduced or revoked at any time.