Extend UC to any Mobile Phone for True Mobile Unified Communications.

GTI Global Mobile Cloud has been specifically designed to enable MVNOs to offer prepaid or post-paid services with full, real-time pricing control and balance management, backed by a range of value-added network services and full operations support.

At the heart of our Mobile Platform are several key charging and network components that support high availability operation and session load balancing across primary and secondary servers.

The integrated Media Application Server and Session Border Controller (SBC) enables the MVNO to enhance customer experience and extend the service scope with value- added service applications.Gain full control of termination costs and call quality By also adopting GTI Global Carrier Cloud, MVNOs also have a highly sophisticated call routing solution that enables full control of termination costs and quality. Similarly, messaging integration with the MNO, including SMS and MMS enhances the MVNO’s service with features such as balance request and update, payments, and value-added services.

GTI Global Mobile Cloud also offers extensive operations and business support capabilities enable MVNOs to tailor product, promotions, distribution, pricing and processes.Simplifying MNOs